Something I’m working on

New remix on the way!

I’ve been keeping this secret for a while…. I’m currently working on an EP, plus I’m making good progress. I want to showcase some good Progressive House, Downtempo… etc, and what sounds I can synthesize. I’m pretty excited because it’s been a while since I released a track.

Such a good track. Sounds very original too.

Been a while since I posted a track.

Today has been really productive; working on new material which is awesome. Speaking from an artist’s point of view though, sometimes we have great ideas that we abandon for no reason or forget about. I failed to realize how productive I’ve been in just the past 6 months and failed to realize how my sound has grown. There are some old tracks I listened to today I have no idea why I didn’t finish them. (*cough* kaskade remix). So word of advice to all of the producers out there, don’t try and over do things. If you’re having a writers block or just stumped the answer to your hardship might be a few stems/tracks back.

Making progress with this track!


Get hip.

Good vibe music from yours truly. Work in progress. Enjoy

A new work in progress from my house music project. Check it out!


Tried to recreate xxyyxx style. Still learning. Getting into music other than house but trying to be a bit unique

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